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Patients each day remain in hospitals despite being ready for discharge
Added costs to an already strained health care system
$ 0 B
Average delay in hospital discharge due to insurance companies
0 Days
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Insurance companies that prioritize profits over patients endanger Californians who need critical health care services.

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of patients say their insurance company makes it harder for them to get health care


of appealed prior authorization denials are ultimately overturned

1 in 10

Californians wait more than 3 days to be discharged, even after doctors have cleared them


ANALYSIS: Statewide Survey on Insurer-Driven Discharge Crisis

Insurance company red tape, inadequate networks, and authorization denials leave patients stranded in hospitals

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ISSUE BRIEF: State Regulators Must Take Action to Ensure Patients Get Care When They Need It

Health care decisions should be made by clinicians, not insurance companies that profit while patients suffer

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ADVOCACY: Who Cares for You?

The Coalition to Strengthen America’s Health Care team laid out the facts about who puts patients first – and who prioritizes profits by delaying and denying access to care.

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SURVEY: Health Insurer Policies Reduce Access to Care

Insurer practices delay patient care, overburden clinicians, and add unnecessary costs to health care system

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An ‘impossible situation’: Why California hospitals are suing a major health insurer

Medical insurance delays can keep someone in a hospital bed much longer than they need to be waiting for after-care services like home health care. Those delays can also block hospitals from using beds needed for new patients.

‘What’s My Life Worth?’ The Big Business of Denying Medical Care

Should your insurance company be allowed to stop you from getting a treatment — even if your doctor says it’s necessary?

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Health Insurance Barriers Delay, Disrupt and Deny Patient Care | US News Opinion

Health insurance should be a bridge to medical care, not a barrier. Yet too many commercial health insurance policies often delay, disrupt and deny medically necessary care to patients.

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